Exciting National Park Destinations To Consider In Your Next Vacation Trip

national park destinationsIf you are looking for great travel destinations other than the iconic sights, perhaps you may want to consider these stunning national parks in your next vacation trips.

Yosemite National Park

The Yosemite National Park is one of the must-see national parks that you should include in your travel destinations. You will enjoy the picturesque sceneries of soaring Sequoias, huge waterfalls, snowy peaks, and crystal clear lakes.

There is plenty of stunning scenery to take in like Glacier Point and Tunnel View. Hiking and exploring in places like the Half Dome and Mariposa Grove is also full of fun. And for a change of activity, there is the Merced river where you can swim, fish, and go rafting.

Banff National Park

Alberta’s grand Canadian Rockies is home to Banff National Park. A tried and tested destination that is simply remarkable in the winter courtesy of huge mountains, massive glaciers, and snowfields. All perfect for the ski lovers seeking the perfect winter destination.

And if skiing is not your thing, this national park is still worth the travel. Who can resist the charms of hot springs, dog sledding, moose sightings, and the Northern Lights?

Kruger National Park

And for the thrill-seeking travellers looking for the ultimate adventure, set your sights on Kruger National Park. This 7,000 plus square mile nature reserve in South Africa is one of the world’s top safari destinations.

It is home to a diverse collection of large mammals not found in any other African game reserve. Enjoy a thrilling walk through the bush or the excitement of a Big Five game drive by day and by night, retire to the comforts of your vacation suite.

Least Visited Wonderful Cities To See In Your Next Travel Vacation

travel vacationAre you thinking of a place to go to fulfill your wanderlust? Then consider taking a tour at these least visited wonderful cities.

Porto, Portugal

Look no further than an ocean vacation in Porto. There’s no better way to spend your vacation than lounging on the beach after a scrumptious lunch of fresh seafood and wine in northwest Portugal.

Not only is Portugal affordable, but also this under visited city is filled with exceptional food and wine. After Lisbon, Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, and it opens like a pop-up book at sunset from Rio Douro.

Porto is humble yet opulent, enticing tourists with its divine wine and food, charismatic locals and cobblestone streets, elaborate decoration and ancient architecture. Experience Porto by wandering through its windy streets filled with shops and cafes to sampling the city’s delectable local cuisine to popping into art galleries.

These are some of the things you’ll get to enjoy in Porto, and this barely scratches the surface. Why not inform your luxury travel agent now and book a trip over to the city famous for its wine.

Lyon, France

Lyon, France, has been luring people since it has been named Lugdunum by the Romans in 43 BC. This charming city commands a strategic spot where the Rhône and the Saône rivers cross.

Lyon has been blessed with a dynamic cultural life, outstanding museums, busy drinking and clubbing scenes, fantastic shopping and a thriving university. You’ll be intrigued by the Renaissance and medieval architecture.

A French city like no other, its ancient influences are reflected in the top sites you can explore in this alluring city. Take a tour in the city’s biggest Renaissance district Vieux Lyon and don’t leave the city without sampling several Lyonnais specialities in bouchons—the quintessential Lyon experience.

Places For Best Friends To Travel

travel with friendsAre you planning to go on a trip with your best friend anytime soon? If you are, then here are some places you can enjoy with your best buddy:

Reykjavik, Iceland

Go to this island especially if you are a fan of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. This country is so beautiful and you can easily tour Iceland’s capital and largest city. Take the perfect Instagram photo around the volcanic island in front of a mountain ridge or waterfall. This is the perfect place for you and your bff as you can take funny and great snapshots at every backdrop.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has some of the best architecture in the world, but it is not just the scene that you want to come here for. It is also the food and drinks. You and your best friend will be able to enjoy the great menus and tapas every day. Fresh fish, tomatoes, potatoes, bread, and cheese. What more can you ask for?

Paris, France

While Paris is mostly known for being the city of love, but this should not stop you and your BFF from travelling the city. Enjoy the architecture, museums, wind, and food as you stay in Paris. It is also good to note that Paris is not actually that expensive as airfares are consistently low. If you and your partner in crime are low on budget, you can stay in a hostel and use public transportation. There is always something awesome to see in Paris whether you just want to sightsee or just lounge at a café for hours.

These are just a few of the exciting places you and your friends should see.

5 Travel Spots for Under $30 a Day

Travelling doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune in each place you visit. We’ve compiled a list of great travel destinations that can be comfortably enjoyed on less than US$30 per day!

Considering the country is essentially bankrupt, Greece is currently a bargain destination. You can grab dinner for US$10, with more food than you need and drinks for only US$3. Accommodation can be found for around US$15 per night. There is also plenty to see and do for free, making Greece the place to be for those travelling on a budget.

This tourist destination, while often heavily visited, has managed to stay very cheap. If you head off the beaten track, you can find budget rooms for US$6-10 per night. You can enjoy full meals for around US$5 with a drink at US$2. Incorporate the low-cost of sightseeing and transport, and you’ll remain well under $30 a day. Also, to be clear, none of this is uncomfortable; Thailand allows us to live like kings and queens for a great price.

Bali is often busier, but it’s also cheaper than Thailand. Popular areas like Kuta have rooms for US$10 USD a night, with a local meal costing around US$2. Keep in mind Kuta is a tourist area; if you head inland and visit some of the spots less travelled, the price drops even more.

This beautiful, historic city is surprisingly cheap to work your way through. Hostels cost around US$8 a night, with meals sitting around US$2. The public transport is also fairly cheap, and as long as you don’t go too heavy on the drinks, Budapest is a very affordable experience.
Central America
Remove Belize, Costa Rica and Panama from the list, but everywhere else in Central America is ridiculously cheap. Budget hotels cost US$10 a night, meals are US$3 USD, and beer is less than a dollar!

We’ve left flights out of the equation as that will always be an expensive part of any trip, but once you arrive at any of the above destinations you’ll find your money goes pretty far, leaving you with more in your pocket.